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We have an abundance of simple clean recipes, the best go-to fitness sites and useful tips to assist you along your journey to fitness.

For those who keep a food journal, we can review 'Input vs Output' and give you pointers on how to shake things up. In addition, we have a variety of tried and tested exercise routines to get you started.

We want to promote realistic, healthy goals that you can sustain long term, using no nonsense recipes. Let us join you on your journey to your best self. Contact today for your tailor made nutrition and exercise plan.

Body Shaping

Our Lean Waist Warrior Body Shapers and Latex Waist Trainers help you achieve the body you desire. With regular usage, your Lean Waist Warrior Shaper will help you shift stubborn excess weight.

One of our most popular features is that we offer a personalised service on all of our products and can print your name or even a special date  on your Lean Waist Warrior Shaper as a daily reminder of your goal.

Join the Lean Waist Warrior community and get your one of a kind Shaper.​ Contact today for the latest offers and discounts for more than one item.



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​Lean Waist Warrior offers bespoke nutrition and exercise advice created by qualified Sports/Personal Nutritionists and Trainers.  We support all the Lean Waist Warriors across the world to make small changes each day to achieve your goals. Our aim is to re-educate you on the  fundamentals of weight loss by working on building lean muscle, shifting the focus from calorie counting and watching your weight fluctuate, to achieve long term sustainable results. 

We re-evaluate your eating and exercise habits, showing you how to fuel your body with the correct nutrition needed to achieve the desired results.  One of Lean Waist Warrior's core beliefs is that you must eat to burn fat, with the correct balance of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) eaten at the right time combined with efficient exercise. This is not a quick fix solution, it will require hard work, dedication and discipline. 

Being thin is not the goal, the goal is to be lean, strong and healthy. Let's eliminate the 'body shaming' culture created and promoted by the media, and work together to make a small steps towards encouraging a positive body image for everyone. Click here for more.