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Body Shaper​​s

Our Lean Waist Warrior Body Shapers and Latex Waist Trainers not only enhance and complement your daily workouts, but can also be worn regardless of the activity. They are designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine to maximise effectiveness. This is not a quick fix solution or easy answer, it is formulated to make your workouts more effective and help shift stubborn excess weight.

Our Lean Waist Warrior range of Body Shapers are made using world class technologically advanced fabrics that increase body temperature, which in turn increases your metabolism, calorie burn and energy expenditure by up to 25% per hour. They not only adapt to your body shape, making it feel like a second skin, but are lightweight without feeling restrictive, making it a must have addition to your sports wardrobe.

​Our Lean Waist Warrior Latex Waist Trainers​ will give you a beautiful  hourglass silhouette,  reducing your waistline by up to 3" instantly. Waist training is the process of waist reduction through regular wear, and complements  exercise and a healthy diet,  to reduce excess weight around your waist. 

Our Latex Waist Trainer helps to mobilise fat cells, increase thermal activity, remove toxins and impurities through perspiration, maximise midsection control, strengthen your core and significantly improve posture. Our range comes in non-Latex, vests and zip up options to suit both men and women. 

To achieve the best results wear your Body Shaper or Latex Waist Trainer every day, even on rest days. Once you start using our products, you will be delighted with the results. As a Lean Waist Warrior customer, with your Body Shaper or Latex Waist Trainer you have the option of receiving a personalised diet and exercise plan to support your goals. As qualified Sports and Personal Nutritionists, coupled with a qualified Personal Trainer, we also offer a review of your current diet and exercise at no extra charge.

Whether you have ordered one product a year ago, or ten products recently, as a Lean Waist Warrior customer you can contact us as any time for advice or support. Make sure to check out our latest products, connect with us on Twitter or Instagram for freebies and give aways, and let us know what products we should add to our range.

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