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Our recommended exercise  method for optimal results is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is made up of short, sharp exercises at high intervals combined with rest periods in between (e.g. 15 squats in 30 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest). The goal of HIIT is to elevate your heart rate to maximum levels, and then allow it to return to normal during your rest period, before blasting it again.  

The main benefit of HIIT is that it not only increases your metabolism, but it also burns calories for up to 18 hours after your workout, making an early morning workout the perfect time to get your HIIT for the day. The beauty of HIIT is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home with no weights and limited space, and it can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. 

You can also incorporate HIIT training into your cardio gym routine, for example try doing 30 second sprints on the treadmill every 2 minutes for 20 minutes, or if your goal is to increase lean muscle body-weight exercises such as squats and burpees are most effective. Always ensure you complete a thorough warm up and cool down, as HIIT exercises are very explosive.

As you repeat your HIIT routine, you should aim to increase your reps and decrease your recovery time (e.g. 20 squats in 30 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest). Some people find it better to keep moving during the rest periods (e.g. marching on the spot) to keep up the momentum. The main point is do what works for you, if you have an injury or are experiencing pain then avoid any exercise that aggravates it. 

The main excuse for not exercising is a busy schedule, however HIIT exercises are perfect for people with a busy schedule, juggling work and family life, even people with limited mobility. Research shows that people spend an average of 4 hours watching TV daily, so there is no excuse for not putting 20-25 minutes aside each day. If you can't make time for yourself, then you don't have time for anyone else!  

HIIT blasts excess body fat, can burn up to 500 calories during the workout whilst continuing to burn calories throughout the day and best of all be done at any time of the day (mornings are ideal to kick start your metabolism, or whenever you feel the most energised). The key is to be consistent, aim to work out at the same time every day and 5 days weekly.

If you combine this method with a clean eating regime and our Body Shaper products, designed to increase the effectiveness of your workouts, you will start to see results within the first few weeks.  Contact us for  your personalised workout plan to kick start your exercise journey today!



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​This fitness move helps build muscles in your ENTIRE body (Calves, Hamstrings, quadriceps, back). It burns more fat and helps prevent injury. It is also a great way to tone your abs.

​Fun Fact:
By the time you have reached 50 years of age, you would have walked approximately 75,000 miles !​​