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The best gift you can give yourself is being healthy


One of the most common myths surrounding weight loss is that you must significantly reduce your calorie consumption to lose weight. Whilst you will achieve results with this method, it is not successful long term and will inevitably lead to a poor relationship with food as you watch your weight fluctuate. The secret to losing unwanted fat is adding lean muscle tissue, which will reduce your body fat percentage and help you increase your daily calorie burn. 

If you combine this with a balanced diet and effective exercise (see Fitness for more) you will start to see results within a very short amount of time. Your body is a machine and was designed to work in harmony, therefore by increasing your lean muscle tissue you will not only lower your body fat percentage but also trigger internal fat burning processes. Your body will start to process and store foods in muscle cells rather than fat cells, to put it simply you will starve your fat cells making them melt away. See my top tips to kick start your clean diet and build lean muscle below:

# Eat at least 4 small meals daily - Meal preparation is the key to success and will help you avoid mindless snacking throughout the day (Contact me for meal plans and ideas)

# Include vegetables with every meal - Vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals needed for cell growth and repair

# Drink at least 2 litres of water daily - Your body is made up of roughly 60% water, and is required to flush out toxins and kick start your metabolism

# Minimise alcohol consumption -  Alcohol contains 'empty calories' that provide no nutritional value and can result in unplanned food binges

# Increase protein intake -Roughly 30-50% of your daily nutrition should be made up of  protein as it is the foundation to building lean muscle tissue

# Reduce white carbohydrates - Natural carbohydrates (such as sweet potatoes and brown rice) help keep blood sugars stable and release energy slowly throughout the day

# Focus on Macros - An essential part of your daily nutritional needs is made up of fats, carbs and proteins, balancing your macros according to your daily activities is the key to quick fat loss

# Fuel for the activity - Low intensity activities require higher levels of good fats and high intensity activities require more carbs around your workouts, both require protein to fuel muscle growth

​# Shapers - Give yourself the best advantage by wearing one of our Shapers to improve the effectiveness of your workout by up to 25%

Contact us for a personalised nutrition plan, review of your current diet or examples of quick and easy meal plans at NO COST.